ultrasonic heat meter

Economic Ultrasonic Heat Meter for DN15-40mm

  Descriptions: The ABT-6H ultrasonic heat meter is our innovation products utilizing advanced transit-time ultrasonic flow measurement technology. Thus, there is no moving part in the sensor, which can ensure the measurement is wear-free and stable over a very long time period. With its maximum 95 °C operating temperature and nominal pressure of 1.6MPa, the …

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Insertion Ultrasonic Heat Meter

Insertion ultrasonic heat meter State-of-the-art Transit-time technology Low cost, good performance   Features: (1).High accuracy, from ±0.5% to ±1% of velocity on calibrated system (2).Excellent long term stability (3).Robust performance. High signal quality. (4).No need to shut down flow during installation (5).Flexible installation. Easy to remove transducer (6).Wide flow range 0.03 to 105ft/s (7).Suitable for …

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Portable Ultrasonic Heat Meter

Portable ultrasonic heat meter is developed on the basis of portable flow measurement and can measure flow and heat energy. The portable heat meter main has two parts: portable ultrasonic flowmeter and clamp-on PT100 resistor. The heat meter can support built-in micro printer or 4G SD data logger. Isolated RS485 port can support Modbus protocol, and 4-20ma output is optional,too.

Clamp-on Ultrasonic Heat Meter

The clamp-on ultrasonic heat meter is combined by our high accuracy clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter together with standard platinum temperature sensors (PT100 or PT1000),then get result of thermal energy measurement transferred from flow measurement  in a closed pipe accordingly. The ultrasonic heat meter system mainly includes three parts: the main unit, the ultrasonic clamp-on type …

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