low cost flow meter

Low Cost Ultrasonic Flow meter/Heat Meter

Low cost ultrasonic flow meter is developed from the actual requirement of provincial class projects which required plenty of low cost clamp on flow meters,but at that time,there was no such product at that time,thus, we released the products in about 2008.And current version flowmeter has been the second generation and have won positive feedback from our customers. The low cost flowmeters can support full set of flow transducers and almost have the same powerful function as other main selling flowmeters. Meanwhile, the flowmeters can be functioned as ultrasonic heat meter.

Economic Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Economic ultrasonic flowmeter was designed to be as supplement for din-rail mounted low cost ultrasonic flowmeter. It is housed inside an die casting aluminum enclosure and the enclosure is IP68 water-proof.It is only DC24V with isolated RS485 port which can support Modbus protocol. The flowmeter can also support full set of flow sensors. It has a wire port to supports 4-core wire which can be used for DC power supply and RS485 communication. The first generation has no local keys and need to use RS485 operator to set related parameters,but the second generation is equipped with local 4 keys for parameters setup. However, as its market position is not clear, it has been stopped several years ago.

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