Responsibility to Implement Emissions Reduction

The Department of environmental protection and local Govern.leaders to check responsibility to implement emissions reduction

It was reported that the Ministry of environmental protection official, signed between the Government and State – owned
enterprise leaders throughout the Department of environmental protection and energy – saving emission reduction objective
responsibility, mandatory implementation of emission reduction objectives.

Environmental Protection Department early this year to determine the emission reduction task is to include the chemical
oxygen demand, ammonia, nitrogen, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions of four major pollutants down 2010.
But pollutant emission total control of the Department of environmental protection Secretary Liu Bingjiang that, judging from the
current test results hard to complete the established tasks.

Liu Bingjiang said: The first half of this year, two old pollutant emission total decrease of 1.74 and 1.63 respectively, completing
the annual target is expected.Two new pollutants, ammonia emissions fell 0.73 nitrogen oxide reduction not reverse rise, and
rose to 6.17, complete the target task extremely difficult.Pollution reduction there is also a responsibility to implement is not in
place, security policy was not introduced, inadequate incentive and constraint mechanism, regulatory capacity is not strong

It is known that the next Department of environmental protection with the relevant departments on the chemical industry,
especially nitrogen industry focused on governance. For those who can’t finish the construction of key projects and business
groups, will be to limit the approval of sanctions.

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