China make law to protect soil and water

The lawmakers in Chinese government are reviewing a draft of the Law on soli and water conservation. The draft will supply a multiple protection for water and land  in planing and controlling.

The current law is made in 1991 and falled behind environment requirements and  the social and economy development.According to the survey made by the ministry of water resrouces in 2000, more than 37% of the land in China, that’s about 3.6 million squire kilometers meet the problem of soil erosion and water loss.

In the past,because of some problem in water and soil conservation, for example, increased contruction,the lack of measurement to prevent loss of soil and water and insufficient monitroing.

The rules says “The location of a production or construction project should avoid key areas for land and water conservation. If a project has to be conducted in these areas, construction techniques should be improved in order to reduce surface disturbance and vegetation damage,” . The draft also rules that water management department will be in charge of monitoring local water and land conservation, and must regularly make a bulletin for the latest news about their charged water and land loss.

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