Economic Digital Pressure Manometer


Economic Type Digital Pressure Manometer

For Process Pressure Gauge

ABTDPM100 is rugged design for tough industrial fields. They are widely used for oil drilling fields, oil or gas transmission pipe lines, vehicles, power plants, chemical and foodstuff factories etc.
ABTDPM100F is flat connection design and is specially used for viscous or slurry media, easily clog or sludge media, easily crystal media, sanitary application. It is widely used for industries of oil, chemical, paper, and food.
ABTDPM100E is with radiator design for high temperature application. It is widely used for industries of petrochemical, metallurgy and power.

– Shock proof, explosion proof, weather proof
– Low energy consumption: 2 to 3 years per cell
– Peak hold
– Self diagnosis
– Intelligent linearization and calibration
– RS485 communication
– Engineering unit designable before ordering

Ranges: 0 to 0.1 to 100 kPa, 0 to 100 PSI,
0 to 0.1 to 60 MPa, -0.1 to 2.4 MPa
Engineering Unit: select one from Mpa, kPa, bar, mbar, PSI, kgf/cm2, mmHg, inHg, mmWC, inWC etc.
Accuracy: 0.5%, 1.0% FS

Sampling time: 1 to 5 seconds
Display: LCD, 4 and 1/2 digits
Case material: aluminum
Case sizes: 99×53×140 mm
Media: gas or liquid
Media Temperature:
Standard: -40 to 85 deg. C
DPM099E: 0 to 150, 280, or 320 deg. C.
Environment: -10 to 50 deg. C
Optional -35 to 55 deg. C
Humidity 95% RH
Over pressure: 250%FS
Power supply: 3.6 V / 2Ah size AAA dry cell Li
Shock proof: within 25 Hz / 1 mm
Explosion proof: EXibIIBT6
Connection: DIN M20x1.5 or made to order
Weight: 0.5 kg

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