Great Achievement Of Chinese Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Not all of famous brand have a good quality and service.A company in Zhejiang Province,bought a ultrasonic flow meter from a  famous foreign brand ultrasonic flow meters at a very high price, but the ultrasonic flow meter has been used well by now.What’s worse,after the problem was up, the foreign company didn’t provide an active solution. The Zhejiang company is very regretful.They said they thought Chinese manufacturing ultrasonic flow meters could meet their request,but they thought foreign brand ultrasonic flowmeters should have a better quality and service,but as a result, the truth is not right.His regretful, from the side reflect domestic ultrasonic flow meters has achieved great progress recent years.

Chinese ultrasonic flow meters not only has a big progess in quality,but also in quality.Some new innovation ultrasonic flow meterrs have been developed and have reached international level.

Chinese manufacturers are consummating their products and establish their own market share.In the past, foreign brand ultrasonic flowmeters took a big market share in China,but now ultrasonic manufacturers are improving their power and have gain more market share. Take Abest Technology as an example,the company has gained much market at home and abroad,and more and more users use ultrasonic flow meters from the company.

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