Ultrasonic flow meter used for DN1000mm pipe


A water company need a clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter to carry on non-invasive flow measurement of DN1000mm. The pipe is main water pipe for water supply of the area.

Difficulty point:Most of the DN1000 of pipe is buried into the earth and only select an explosed position as testing point.The test point is on the top of a bilge.The point is also the sole test point. Abest is invited to do on-site inspection and provide solution.

After carefully inspecting the point, we suggest to use wall mounted ultrasonic flow meter with large size transducers. Before installing, we take some necessary tools,including Spade, grinding machine, antirust paint, rubber gloves, water shoes,etc. Then firstly,take several big stones into the bilge for standing on it. Then clean the pipe surface and measure outer perimeter of the pipe.After that,it will need use grinding machine to do small gringing on both sides of the pipe. Because pipe is seriously rusted and pipe itself has two layers of protecting layer, it cost too much time.Then use ultrasonic thickness gauge to test about 10 groups of pipe wall thickness and calculate the average value. The whole proces costs about 2 hours.

After getting the important values.e.g. outer perimeter,wall thickness gaue, transducers can be installed and ultrasonic flow meters can be used for measuring.

(Pic-1: Grinding pipe)      

grinding pipe


(Pic2: Installing ultrasonic flow sensor)

install ultrasonic flow sensor

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