Flow Meters without Moving Parts

The  moving  parts of flow meters mainly refer to the mechanical action part for working principle,e.g. rotor rotation of positive displacement flow meters ,rotating impeller,etc. Flow meters without moving parts can reducer pressure loss sharply even no pressure loss. Some main flow meters without moving parts will be introduced.

1). Ultrasonic Flow Meter. Ultrasonic flow meters have clamp on type, insertion wetted type and inline type. Ultrasonic flow meters mainly utilize sound energy and sound velocity difference to simulate hydromechanics and build related mathematic model. The ultrasonic flow meters have no moving parts and can be used for fluid and gas flow measurement, especially clamp on flow meters which almost have no pressure loss.(Can be for gas an fluid.)

2).Electromagnetic Flow Meter. Magnetic flow meter was newly released as development of electronic technology in 1950-1960. The flow meter is made as Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction and designed to test the fluid flow in pipes. The main structure of magnetic flow meter includes catheters, electrode, body pipe section, lining, converter,etc. It is very important that the electric conductivity is not less than 5uS/cm. Thus, pure water is no conductivity and can’t use magnetic flow meters. Gas,oil and most organic compound liquid can’t be over 5uS/cm,thus, they can’t use the flow meter,too( Only for liquid and note for several special liquid).


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